How To Find The Perfect Bridal Makeup For You

Selecting bridal makeup can be a long, drawn out process. Many bruises worry about finding the perfect makeup artist for their wedding. Not only is it difficult to find a good bridal artist with availability and skills, it can be difficult to find the overall makeup look that will make you feel good on your special day. However, working with your makeup artist and looking at your personal style and wedding outfit will be able to help you find the perfect bridal makeup look for you. 

Match Your Overall Style

One mistake many brides make is to follow what other brides are wearing, or going for a stereotypical ‘bridal’ look that may not suit them. Many brides do want a traditional look, and that’s amazing! However, if it’s not your personal style, make sure you’re incorporating elements of your identity into your makeup look so you can feel confident in your own skin. For example, if you are more gothic or alternative, maybe opt for darker eye makeup to include your personality into your look. If you’re a vintage style enthusiast, and your wedding outfit is made up of an antique wedding dress and vintage jewellery, make sure you are reflecting this in your makeup. This will make you feel beautiful, and like yourself!

Analyse Your Facial Shape

As aforementioned, instead of following makeup trends, work with your makeup artists to find what makeup styles will bring out the natural beauty in your face. If you don’t know your face shape, look in the mirror and draw the outline of your face with lipstick. There are 6 main face shapes, heart, oblong, square, oval, round and triangular. Knowing which face makeup looks best suits your face shape will make you shine on your wedding day.

Match Your Hairstyle

If your makeup does not match the rest of your look, it could make your overall appearance lack cohesion. Your wedding outfit should match perfectly, and your makeup is no different. As well as matching your makeup to your outfit and personality, you should also think carefully about your hairstyle. For example, if you’re wearing a flower crown, you may want to incorporate the colours in your makeup look. If you are wearing an updo with a glittering tiara, you may want to put sparkle into your makeup look to match.

Think About Colour 

Colours are the most important part of  creating a beautiful makeup look. You should think about colours that suit you best by looking at the undertones of your skin and your eye colour. However, you should also think about what colours will be used in your outfit or other parts of the wedding. For example, if you have clear wedding colours, you might want to use these in your makeup. You could also match your jewellery – if your engagement ring is a vintage diamond ruby ring, you could use tones from the ring in order to create a perfect cohesive makeup look. 

Your bridal makeup is very important, and it will be in your wedding pictures forever- make sure you work with your makeup artist in order to select the perfect look for you. 

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