The Ultimate Guide To Sunscreen: Protect Your Skin All Year Round

As the sky gets brighter and days become longer, many of us can’t wait to spend more time outside. The warm sun always pulls us either when we are having picnics under trees, resting on sandy beaches or hiking forests. Without taking any action, increased exposure means you must protect yourself against sunburn by applying Sunscreen (ครีมกันแดด, which is the term in Thai). Even though it is often overlooked, sunscreen should be essential to any skin care regimen.

Benefits Of Using Sunscreen

Here are some benefits:

·       Prevents Sunburn

If you’re at the beach, stay out of the sun to avoid getting sunburned; the UVB rays are already burning your skin under the sun. However, you will reduce the chances of getting burnt if you apply sunscreen on your skin, with a high SPF. For instance, use SPF 30, which shields away almost 97% of ultraviolet B radiation from the sun, thus making it possible for you to have more fun under the sun than when not protected at all.

·       Prevents Premature Aging:

Too much sun exposure can lead to premature ageing, such as lines on your skin, pimples or acne, liver, and age spots. Try putting on some sunscreen every morning right after you have washed clean so that none of these will develop when the time comes.

·       Maintains Even Skin Tone

People who have melasma or are prone to discolouration should protect their skin from the damaging effects of the sun, thus preventing dark spots that might result in hyperpigmentation; this should be achieved by applying sunblocks to protect the entire body from UV light.

·       Prevents Inflammation And Redness

The sun is capable of causing redness and inflammation in individuals who suffer from rosacea or sensitive skin. Thus, sunscreen serves as a prophylactic shield that ensures that the skin remains steady and prevents the occurrence of eruptions upon exposure.

·       Enhances Skin Health

Cancer prevention lotion helps prevent the natural breakdown of two essential proteins that make skin firm and smooth, contributing to the general welfare of your body. It also helps in preventing water loss and injury.

Wrapping Up!

Using sunscreen daily is one of the best ways to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. This will help you avoid sunburns, decrease the chances of skin cancer occurring, prevent ageing signs, and keep your complexion smooth.

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